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We deal with a number of different industries from visual merchandising to interior designers and Automotive. Take a look at some of the specific services we can offer.
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Spray Chrome Services with No Limits

So where would you use spray on chrome? And who would use it? the answer is simple, just about anywhere the limitations are few.

Wherever you look around you there are shiny things. From very small things to the size of an aeroplane and everything in between.
Any item that can be painted with a traditional paint can be chromed using our spray chrome system. It’s that simple.

Whereas traditional chroming methods are limited to size, material and colour, spray chroming has the answer. It can cover virtually any substrate from Wood, MDF, all plastics, all Metals, Glass, even Concrete and Brick plus a lot more.

Areas you can use Spray Chrome

  • Visual merchandising
  • Point of sale
  • Interior design
  • Artists
  • Props
  • Exhibitions
  • Prototyping

The only limitation is your imagination

When you’ve run out of ideas you can always chrome it

Visual merchandising, Point of Sale & Props

Visual merchandising is an industry where you must get it right first and is something which is very demanding of the concept or design.

Visual Merchandising Chromed Dior Shop Sign

Trying to incorporate a brand into a new window display or even just a point of sale can be a challenge. Each company that specialises in this area must find that one thing that attracts customers for their clients and makes it stand out from all the others. Customers are naturally attracted to shiny things, they become mesmerized by it and drawn in without even knowing it.

With a lot of displays using composite materials as well as MDF and wood along with plastic to cut down on cost, and of course can it be done factor? making something which needs a chromed or shiny finish on it, seem like the impossible or limiting because of the substrate from which it is made.

Our spray chroming system has the answer. Having already worked with several companies in this field who in turn work with some major big brands. We know exactly how to overcome working with different materials to achieve the same result. Not only this, we have also played a huge part in advising our clients on the best way to get the result they are looking for and ultimately what their clients and customers are looking for.

We have a big understanding of the needs of everyone. Because of this we have had our work on display in places like Harrods, Selfridges, Hermes and Michael Kors to name but a few.

Once something has been spray chromed it really does stand out from the competition

Interior Design

You walk into a top-class hotel or restaurant and all you see is chrome and gold so shiny that you have to put your sunglasses on.

Everything is bright and gleaming, but you see something different, lots of colours reds, blues, green, purple and all chrome. You like the concept and want to replicate it whether it in you want this in your own home, hotel, office or indeed for one of your clients because you are an interior designer looking for the next thing to capture your client’s eyes. But wait how is this possible because the things you have seen were made of wood, ceramic and plastic.

chromed manequin

Introducing spray chrome. It’s robust enough to be used internally and externally because of our very tough top coat lacquer which incorporates a UV protection that seals everything in, used in the aeronautical industry it’s the best of the best, and what’s more as the chrome effect has been sealed in it’s easy to clean and if looked after carefully gives it longevity.

Not only can the spray chrome system bond very well to pretty much all substrates you wouldn’t be able to tell just from sight what the original material was, and has an identical look to chrome plating.

We have worked with quite a few designers, including the Nicholas Haslam group. Creating some special bespoke work. Everyone is looking for that unique piece of furniture or room even that they can say no one else has and is stunning.